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An online GP service for your employees to access from wherever they are, whenever they need to.

With our GP 24/7 service your employees can arrange a virtual GP consultation with a doctor at a time that is convenient for them. This could be at work, during a lunch break or at home, when the kids have gone to bed. 

Due to increasing demand coupled with the added impact Covid-19 has had, it can often be difficult to get an appointment with a GP at a time to suits your employee. Increasingly busy work and home schedules and longer wait times for appointments mean offering employees an alternative online service can really reassure them that help and advice is at hand from a qualified GP whenever they need it.  

Telephone and video consultations are available to your employees and our GP's are also able to prescribe medication, if required, provide 'Fit Notes' and make specialist referrals.

Sparta Wellbeing - An Online Surgery

Sparta Wellbeing’s GP 24/7 service has been designed to deliver access to a GP no matter where you are in the world. Your employees can benefit from prompt access to advice and support.     

  • Unlimited Flexible Phone or Video Consultations - Our service gives your employees the flexibility to have a consultation with a GP in the comfort of their own home or at their place of work. Whether that’s over the phone or through a video consultation, the choice is theirs. They will receive unlimited advice and reassurance, and can receive a diagnosis whenever they need it, wherever they are. There is no additional charge for booking appointments and your employees have unlimited use of the service.
  • Private Prescriptions - During a consultation should one of our doctors feel the patient would benefit from prescription medication, they can arrange and authorise this. Our doctors follow GMC best practice guidelines on remote prescribing and use a unique electronic prescription service for accuracy and safety.
  • Referrals and Fit Notes - If during a consultation one of our doctors considers a patient’s condition requires further investigation or treatment they can issue a private open referral letter. Or they can issue a private fit note. These will be emailed to them and with their approval, a copy sent to their own GP to keep a complete set of records.



Our GP 24/7 Service can be added for a small annual fee per employee

As an example if you have 20 members of staff this service will cost £70.00 for the year - equivalent to just £3.50 per employee per year. 

A small price to pay to ensure that your staff have access to medical advice when they need it and it could help reduce your staff absence costs.

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