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Find out how much it will cost you to use Sparta Wellbeing programme in your organisation in just a few clicks.

Step 1 - Annual membership fee

How many employees does your organisation have?

For the low cost annual membership fee, your employees will have access to our online hub providing them with an extensive library of health and wellbeing information, webinars, video, health checks and useful downloads.

Step 2 - Services with an annual fee

Our GP 24/7 service is charged per employee per year. 

GP 24/7

Our GP 24/7 service gives your employees unlimited access to a GP 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, all for a low cost annual fee per employee.

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Step 3 - Pay on use services (Wellbeing fund - refundable if unused)

If you choose to offer our confidential counselling and/or physiotherapy services to your employees, we will ask you to deposit a wellbeing fund with us. The wellbeing fund is then used to pay for any usage of these services by your employees. If your employees don’t use the services, the wellbeing fund is refundable at the end of your membership year (or it can be carried forward if you wish to renew your membership).

For both counselling and physiotherapy services, you are able to set an employee contribution level if you wish. This is a percentage amount of the cost of the service that the employee is asked to contribute, with the remainder deducted from your wellbeing fund. Once logged into our wellbeing hub you are able to set these contribution levels and adjust them as you require.


We will provide your employees with an initial clinical assessment and then if appropriate, confidential counselling can be delivered through our UK network of accredited counsellors. This can include face to face, telephone and video counselling, or it may include online or self-help programmes.

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Providing your employees with access to a nationwide network of physiotherapists with face to face and video appointments for musculoskeletal conditions.

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Step 4 - Included extras

We automatically include access for your employees to our surgical and diagnostic services as these are offered on a self-pay basis (i.e. the employee covers 100% of the cost of any service). Our surgical and diagnostic services provide access to a wide range of diagnostic services and surgical procedures, offered through our network of private hospitals or NHS Private Patient Units.

If you do not wish for this service to be made available to your employees, you have the option to remove the service once you are logged into the online hub where you can manage all the services offered to your employees.

Surgical and Diagnostic Services

Provides employees with access to private diagnostic and surgical services through a network of private hospitals. Offered as a self-pay service as costs can vary significantly depending on the required diagnostic or surgical procedure.

Step 5 - Voucher / referral code
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Running Totals

Step 1

Annual membership fee:

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Step 2

Services with an annual fee:

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Step 3

Pay on use services (Wellbeing fund - refundable if unused):

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Step 4

Included extras:

Surgical and diagnostic services

Step 5

Voucher / referral code:

Total initial sign-up cost:


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