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Sparta Wellbeing

Workplace Wellbeing Support Hub

Low cost annual organisation membership fee with access to discretionary pay on use support services, giving control, flexibility and measurable value from the support provided to employees

Support employees with social, physical, emotional and mental wellbeing

Access to advice and guidance for managers on managing employee health at work

Join us on our
Wellbeing Mission!

Your employees are your most valuable asset and providing them with the right health and wellbeing support will:
  • Have a positive impact on recruitment, employee engagement and employee retention
  • Increase productivity
  • Enable your employees to manage mental health conditions like anxiety, stress and depression
  • Provide employees with a greater understanding of physical health conditions they may experience
  • Reduce work absence and presenteeism
  • Help you understand the value you get from your employee health and wellbeing support programme

How Does the Sparta Wellbeing

Programme Work?

Our employee wellbeing programme is uniquely designed to suit all businesses and budgets.

Our employee wellbeing programme is uniquely designed to suit all businesses and budgets. We charge a single low cost annual membership fee which covers you entire business. You can then choose which health and wellbeing services you wish to make available to your employees and how these are funded. For example, you may choose to fully fund counselling services while offering physiotherapy services on a part funded basis.

What Does the
Sparta Wellbeing Programme  Offer Employees?
Included within the low cost membership fee…
Online Health & Wellbeing Hub

Your employees will have access to our Online health and wellbeing hub which provides a comprehensive content library on mental, physical and financial health.

The hub also gives your employees access to webinars, videos, health checks and useful downloads.

Surgical & Diagnostic Services

Your employees will also have access to our Surgical and Diagnostic Services.

Our surgical and diagnostic services provide access to a wide range of diagnostic services and surgical procedures, offered through our network of private hospitals or NHS Private Patient Units. This service is offered on a self-pay basis.

Add our Virtual GP 24/7 service.

For a small annual fee per employee

You can add our Virtual GP 24/7 service.

This service provides your employees with unlimited telephone, online video consultations and if necessary private prescriptions from a fully qualified GP.

Pay on Use Services
You can choose to add the following pay on use services…
Confidential Counselling

We will provide your employees with an initial clinical assessment and then if appropriate, confidential counselling can be delivered through our UK network of accredited counsellors.

The counselling service we provide can include face to face, telephone, and video counselling, or it may include online or self-help programmes.


We provide your employees with access to a nationwide network of physiotherapists with face to face and video appointments for musculoskeletal conditions.

How it Works

Confidential counselling and physiotherapy are available as pay on use services.

If you choose to include either or both of our pay on use services, when registering you will be asked to deposit a small wellbeing fund. The value of the wellbeing fund is based on the number of employees in your organisation.

  • Should any of your employees then use a pay on use service, we will deduct the cost of any service from your wellbeing fund. This keeps the service confidential and allows you to clearly understand your employee wellbeing spend and the value your organisation is getting from our wellbeing progranmme.
  • At the end of your annual membership, any unused wellbeing fund is refunded (or carried forward if you renew your membership). Should the wellbeing fund need topping up at any point, we will contact you to advise this and request funds. You can also manually top up the fund if you wish to do so.
  • You can opt to fully fund these services, or you can set an employee contribution level whereby the employee is asked to contribute an amount towards the overall cost of these services. This may be different for each service - for example you may wish to fully fund confidential counselling and contribute 50% towards the cost of any physiotherapy services.
  • Once you have registered and have access to our online hub, you will be able to control the services offered to your employees and how these are managed giving you complete flexibility throughout your membership with us.

Support & benefits

What support and benefits does the programme offer employers?

As well as providing your employees with valuable health and wellbeing support, our wellbeing programme provides additional support for the employer including;

HR Support – guidance on creating workplace wellbeing strategies, workplace health promotions, return to work strategies and much more.

Management information – we provide online management information allowing you to understand the value of your employee wellbeing programme and identify areas which need improvement. As some of the services we provide rely on patient confidentiality, our management information gives you an overview of usage without any specific details that could identify an employee.


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