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How our Pay-on-Use Services work

Confidential counselling and physiotherapy are available as pay-on-use services.

If you choose to include either or both of our pay-on-use services, when registering you will be asked to deposit a small wellbeing fund. The value of the wellbeing fund is based on the number of employees in your organisation.

  • Should any of your employees then use a pay-on-use service, we will deduct the cost of any service from your wellbeing fund. This keeps the service confidential and allows you to clearly understand your employee wellbeing spend and the value your organisation is getting from our wellbeing programme.
  • At the end of your annual membership, any unused wellbeing fund is refunded (or carried forward if you renew your membership). Should the wellbeing fund need topping up at any point, we will contact you to advise this and request funds. You can also manually top up the fund if you wish to do so.
  • You can opt to fully fund these services, or you can set an employee contribution level whereby the employee is asked to contribute an amount towards the overall cost of these services. This may be different for each service - for example, you may wish to fully fund confidential counselling and contribute 50% towards the cost of any physiotherapy services.
  • Once you have registered and have access to our online hub, you will be able to control the services offered to your employees and how these are managed to give you complete flexibility throughout your membership with us.


Our Pay-on-Use Services ensure that your employees get the right treatment, helping them get back to good health as quickly as possible.

Our dedicated network of UK counsellors and physiotherapists are all fully qualified and deliver first-class care and treatment.

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