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How does the Sparta Wellbeing Programme work?

Our Wellbeing Programme is an annual membership with the following optional additional health and wellbeing services;

Low-cost annual membership gives your employees 24/7 access to our online wellbeing hub. Providing a wealth of information on mental, physical and financial health, the hub gives your employees easy-to-understand information, webinars, videos, health checks and useful downloads.

Not only that, there's also a HR section for managers providing advice and guidance on a range of issues relating to health and wellbeing in the workplace such as how to create a workplace wellbeing strategy, strategies for managing employees returning to work following absence, plus lots more.


Next you can choose whether you want to include our online GP 24/7 service. For a small annual fee per employee, we provide 24/7 online & telephone access, 365 days a year to a qualified GP. This means your employees can book an appointment with a GP at a time that suits them.


Confidential Counselling and Physiotherapy are available as pay on use wellbeing services and you can choose to offer either or both of these valuable services to your employees.

Pay on use means you will only be charged if your employees actually use the service. To do this, and to ensure complete confidentiality, we collect a wellbeing fund from you at the outset which is used to cover the cost of any services provided. At the end of your membership, any remaining wellbeing fund is refundable, or it can be carried over if you renew your membership with us.

With our pay on use services, you can also set an employee contribution level or set the services to be offered on a self-pay basis. As an example, you may choose to fully fund confidential counselling while contributing 50% towards the cost of any physiotherapy.

Online registration for membership is quick and easy. Find out how your business and employees can benefit by getting a quick quote.



Flexible and cost-effective support for your employees

Our employee health and wellbeing solution works for all businesses, large and small. Flexibility is a key feature so that you can tailor the programme to suit your business’s needs and budget.

We deliver a first-class service that provides true value for money and a real return on investment.


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