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HR and Manager Support
Helping you deliver real value to your colleagues lives

As a HR professional or Line Manager within your organisation, looking after the health and wellbeing of your employees is just one of your responsibilities and it is important that the support and the information you need to do this is readily available.

To support you in this area we have created a section on our wellbeing hub which is only accessible to managers and admin users. You can decide which colleagues at your organisation can access this section of the hub where we provide guidance and advice on a number of HR related health and wellbeing topics. The information provided is regularly reviewed and updated to ensure you are provided with the most recent and useful content and advice in these areas.

HR Support

In the Manager Support section of the health and wellbeing hub you will be able to find further information and advice on the following topics:

    • Workplace Health Promotion
    • Creating a Workplace Health and Wellbeing Strategy
    • Managing Absence and Presenteeism
    • Managing Return to Work
  • HR Health Support Services
  • HR Managers Advice
  • Covid-19 - Employer Advice
  • Additional Manager Support Resources

Information is provided by industry experts and features advice, useful downloads and useful links to additional helpful resources. 

Management Information

We also provide online management information allowing you as an organisation to understand the true value of the health and wellbeing programme spend.  

Due to the confidential nature of some of the services that we provide our management information will give you an overview of the usage of the health and wellbeing programme. 

For example, you will be able to identify on a monthly basis, how many employees have logged into the hub and also whether any services have been requested. If you have chosen to fund any services such as counselling or physiotherapy, you will also be able to track any spend on these pay on use services.


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